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 Dr. M. Mobeen Shaukat


Assistant Professor 

Contact Information

Office:               Bldg 63-Room 112

Phone:              +966- 13 -860- 8208

Fax:                  +966-13-860 -2949 (ME Dept)

Email: :   

Website :          Personal Page 


Ph.D. Design Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, 2012

MSE, Automotive Engineering, University of Michigan, USA, 2008

MS, Mechanical Engineering, minor in religious studies, Penn State, University Park, USA, 2001

MS, Industrial Engineering, minor in science, technology & society, Penn State, University Park, USA, 2001

BS, Mechanical Engineering, GIK, Pakistan, 1999 

Courses Taught

  • ME 218 Introduction to ME Design
  • ME 322 Manufacturing
  • ME485 Mechanical System Design
  • ME 597 Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 

Research Areas

  • Early stage design process
  • Sustainable design
  • Environmental impact analysis of novel products and processes 

Representative Publications 

  • Yilbas, B.S., Shaukat, M.M., Afzal, A.A., Ashraf, F., Life cycle analysis for laser welding of alloys, (2020) Optics and Laser Technology, 126, 
  • Yilbas, B.S., Shaukat, M.M., Ashraf, F., Laser cutting of various materials: Kerf width size analysis and life cycle assessment of cutting process(2017) Optics and Laser Technology, 93, pp. 67-73. 
  • Bao, Q., Honda, T., El Ferik, S., Shaukat, M.M., Yang, M.C.Understanding the role of visual appeal in consumer preference for residential solar panels, (2017) Renewable Energy,
  • Bao, Q., Elantary, A., Shaukat, M.M., Yang, M.C. Eco-feedback designs: A balance between the quantitative and the emotional (2016) Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference