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 Stress Analysis Lab

Dr. Akhtar, Syed Sohail
Location: 63-234
Tel: (860) 3261

Short introduction of the lab and its key capabilities/mission

The laboratory is equipped to perform experimental stress analysis using strain gauge techniques and brittle coatings. This includes the capability of residual stress, as well as multi-channel static and dynamic measurements. The lab also includes instructional materials and training facilities to support undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as research activities in the department. New equipment is being purchased for photo stress analysis. The laboratory will be equipped with a reflection polariscope. Presently the laboratory is complemented by the Photoelasticity Lab of the Civil Engineering Department.


Courses Supported:

Course No.

Course Name

Typical Experiments

ME 411 and ME 412

Senior Design Project

Use of strain gages to measure static and dynamic strains

ME 308

Machine Design II

Machine elements, Stress concentration

Design/Research Activities:

The lab is utilized for the following KACST projects:

1) KACST AT 20-80 “Design of an Intelligent Telepresence Robotic System” (2001-2003) and

2) KACST AT-19-14 “Developing a Technique for Blade Vibration Measurements in Turbomachinery & Jet Engines” (2001-2003).

Stress Analysis Lab Equipment


1- For short course:

  • Determination of Modulus of Elasticity using Strain gages,
  • Determination of the stress concentration factors and
  • Stress distribution.

2- M.Sc.

  • Determination of stress under impact and
  • Bolted joint stress distribution.

3- Projects

  • Deformation of blades and
  • 3-DOF force sensor design.
All of these are done using strain gages. Some tests are being prepared for ME 308 students using photoelasticity.