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 Students Experience

​​​Saudi Arabia represented by KFUPM team participates
in the World Solar Challenge

A team from KFUPM has succeeded in participating and achieving very high performance in the World Solar Challenge held in Australia 10/2011. The team led by Dr Amro Al-Qutub has designed and built the first solar vehicle to be built in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) called WAHAJ, and in Saudi Arabia as a whole. Inspired from the Arabic word "وهج" meaning "Glow", it indicates the beginning of a new era of student projects in renewable energy. It's by far the largest student project in KFUPM. Being the first experience, we face the difficulties of envisioning, designing, and manufacturing a solar race car in less than a year with little background and experience in the subject. To produce the best solar race car possible, we must explore the perfect balance between superior aerodynamics, high efficiency, light weight, safety, and reliability. Our team will participate in a very competitive event with other teams from around the world with years of experience in solar race cars. By team work is it possible to demolish these difficulties and build our way to success.


Student experience

The life at KFUPM is a real challenge. One has to manage ones time for academic as well as non-academic activities. This life develops professional skills such as ability to learn, plan, organize and lead. It also inculcates the qualities to work in a multi-disciplinary and multicultural team besides developing necessary academic skills (presentation, reading and programming skills). The university provides excellent library facilities, on campus student housing, and free internet service. The university has well qualified and experienced faculty and staff to help students acquire engineering skills.  As a senior mechanical engineering student, I have been associated many professors. I found them like a father-helping, educating, advising, and mentoring students. I have gained much industrial exposure from the cooperative Training Program arranged by university with Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SAUDI ARAMCO). The university also organize workshops for developing managerial skills among students. Some of these workshops include the following:

7 habits for the most successful people. 
  • ​​Managing Yourself.
  • Conflict Management.
  • The Stress Management. 
  • Personality Traits and the Most Efficient Coping Styles.
  • Self-development Skills.            
  • Positive Thinking.
  • Positive Behaviour Habits.
  • How to Understand the Others?
  • Promoting Self Confidence.
  • Discover Your Brian.
  • How to Prepare for Examination.
  • Students Activities Leadership.

Finally, it’s a wonderful place for overall personality development.​