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 Tribology Lab



Director: Dr. M. Abdul Samad


Location: 63 \ 329

Phone: 93059 

Tribology Group at KFUPM

  • Dr. M. Abdul Samad – Tribology of polymer composites and polymer coatings, lubrication
  • Dr. Zuhair M. Gasem – Tribology of hard metallic coatings
  • Dr. Ahmad Suroor – Tribology of metals
  • Dr. Amro Al- Qutub – Tribology of metal matrix composites

Introduction to the lab

The tribology lab in the ME department at KFUPM is equipped with the state of the art equipment and has been serving the university in general and the department in particular in their research and teaching activities. The lab is capable of serving the industry in conducting top grade research and experiments as well. It is well equipped well with a high temperature tribometer, an optical profiler, a scanning electron microscope, a microhardness tester, an atomic force microscope and an optical tensiometer to cover all the aspects of tribology: Wear, Friction and Lubrication. The specifics of the equipment are given below.

If anybody would like to use the equipment, please fill in the REQUEST FORM FOR USING EQUIPMENT IN TRIBOLOGY LAB.pdf and submit to the Director of Tribology Lab.

Courses supported are:

As mentioned above, the lab also caters to the teaching activities and supports a few courses in the ME department such as:

  • ME411 – Senior Design Project – I
  • ME412- Senior Design Project – II
  • ME495 – Undergraduate Research
  • ME493 – Tribology: Friction, Wear and Lubrication
  • ME576 – Tribology
  • ME606 – Independent Research

General Capabilities

  • We can characterize different materials such as metals, ceramics, polymers and their composites in terms of wear and friction, at room and elevated temperatures under dry and lubricated conditions.
  • We can test lubricants and industrial oils
  • We can characterize different surfaces in terms of their roughness and surface energies
  • We can characterize materials in terms of their scratch resistance and hardness.