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 Dr. Turki Nabieh Baroud


Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office:               Bldg 63-Room 144

Phone:              +966- 13 -860- 2630

Fax:                  +966-13-860 -2949 (ME Dept)

Email: :   


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University, USA, 2018

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA, 2012

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, KSA, 2010 

Courses Taught

  • ME   217: Materials Science and Engineering (Lab) 
  • ME   216: Materials Science and Engineering 
  • MSE 501: Materials Structure and Defects 

Lab Director

  • Materials for Energy & Water (MEW) 

Research Areas & Representative Publications 

Porous functionalized membranes for desalination and water treatment. (Capacitive Deionization CDI, Membrane Distillation MD, Microfiltration)
  • Baroud, T. N. & Giannelis, E. P. Role of Mesopore Structure of Hierarchical Porous Carbons on the Electrosorption Performance of Capacitive Deionization Electrodes. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng. 7, 7580–7596 (2019).
  • Baroud, T. N. & Giannelis, E. P. High Salt Capacity and High Removal Rate Capacitive Deionization Enabled by Hierarchical Porous Carbons. Carbon N. Y. 139, 614–625 (2018). 
Non-precious Electrocatalysts for renewable energy, CO2 conversion.
  • Younas, M., Baroud, T. N., Gondal, M. A., Dastageer, M. A. & Giannelis, E. P. Highly Efficient, Cost-effective Counter Electrodes For Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) Augmented By Highly Mesoporous Carbons. J. Power Sources 468, 228359 (2020).
Drug Delivery.
  • Nanaki, Stavroula G., Konstantinos Spyrou, Chryssa Bekiari, Pelagia Veneti, Turki N. Baroud, Niki Karouta, Ioannis Grivas, Georgios C. Papadopoulos, Dimitrios Gournis, and Dimitrios N. Bikiaris. Hierarchical Porous Carbon—PLLA and PLGA Hybrid Nanoparticles For Intranasal Delivery of Galantamine for Alzheimer's Disease therapy. Pharmaceutics 12, (2020). 

Representative Ongoing Projects

  • Developing of Highly-Efficient Membranes for Desalination of Produced Water.
  • Synthesis of Functionalized Porous Materials for Electrochemical Conversion of CO2 to Useful Chemicals.