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 University Of Arizona

Course #Course NameEquivalent Course at KFUPMEquivalent Course Name
AME 230Introduction to ThermodynamicsME 203Thermodynamics I
AME 250DynamicsME 201Dynamics
AME 324BEngineering Concepts DesignME 307Machine Design I
AME 331Introduction to Fluid MechanicsME 311Fluid Mechanics
AME 352Dynamics of MachinesME 309Machines of Mechanics
AME 416Material SelectionME 475Mechanical Behavior of Materials
AME 425Aerospace PropulsionME 422Propulsion System
AME 430Intermediate ThermodynamicsME 204Thermodynamics II
AME 432Heat TransferME 315Heat Transfer
AME 445Renewable EnergyME 459Design and Operation of Renewable Energy
AME 446Fuel Cell & Fundamental DesignME 493Special Topics in Energy
AME 455Control System DesignME 413Systems Dynamics & Control
AME 460Mechanical VibrationsME 482Mechanical Vibrations
AME 471Reliability and Quality AnalysisME 462Products and System Reliability
AME 487Guided Self Studies to MechatronicsME 444Introduction to Mechatronics
CE 218Fund of Fluid MechanicsME 311Fluid Mechanics
MSE 455Physical MetallurgyME 474Physical Metallurgy
​MSE 222                           ​Intro to Smart Structures             ​​ME 216​Materials Science and Engineering​
Not Equivalent Courses
Course #Course NameNot Equivalent Course at KFUPMCourse Name​