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 Health & Safety Committee

The Physical Education health and safety committee is to promote principles that indicated in the KFUPM health and safety regulation act 2009 which relates to create and maintain safe, healthy work and activity environments for all members of faculty, staff, students and visitors.
Main aims of the PE joint health and safety committee are:
  • To improve working environment for faculties and students to establish safe environment for sport activities
  • To do relevant risk assessment and evaluate potential hazards in advance
  • To identify hazards in the Physical Education fields and buildings
  • The conduct safety assessment that includes practical recommendations to Authority

The Physical Education health and safety committee’s mission is in line with KFUPM health and safety regulation act and Physical Education department’s mission and vision.

Well maintained fully safe and routinely evaluated environment for all stakeholders in the university

Joint health and safety committee is fully aware of its responsibility for addressing workplaces and activity area hazards including:
  • Operation site inspections
  • Evaluating routine hazards check and preparing safe work and teaching practices
  • Developing and revising safety rules
  • Conducting training programs for faculties and students
  • Conducting accident/near miss incident investigations
  • Engaging in decision making throughout the facilities’ operations