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Petroleum Experts donates £1700K worth of Software to Petroleum Engineering Department of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM)

Edinburgh based company, Petroleum Experts (PETEX) which an engineering company that develops petroleum software tools donated software license with a commercial value of £1,733,291.02. PETEX over the years have granted educational licenses to universities across the world with students learning production engineering, well completions, artificial lift, fluid characterization, integrated field modelling and optimization.

Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) Suite is used worldwide for integrated field modelling and production optimization. IPM software will be used undergraduate senior design project course for field development and optimization studies. IPM will also be used for undergraduate and graduate course term projects, graduate students thesis and dissertations. IPM license came at the time the department is introducing integrated petroleum engineering program. As the name suggest, this is one of the great additional asset to petroleum engineering students of KFUPM.  IPM practical training for KFUPM students will enhance their career prospects with a software widely used in petroleum industry.

The donated IPM suite includes;

PROSPER:  for modelling Well performance, design and optimization for different well configurations.

GAP: for modelling surface gathering network of field production operations.

PVTP: for fluid characterization to predict the effect of fluid composition due to pressure, volume and temperature changes during hydrocarbon production process.

MBAL: 1D simulator for Material balance analysis, defining reservoir drive mechanism and hydrocarbon volumes.

RESOLVE: master controller to communicate and control link between reservoir simulators, process simulators etc.

REVEAL: for modelling near wellbore effects and their effects on production from the reservoir.​