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 Double Major FAQ

Double Major Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the requirements?
> Minimum GPA of 3.0
> a signed request letter from you addressed to physics chairman
> A transcript
Why should I consider double-major?
> To satisfy your inner curiosity for Physics: fundamentals of nature 
> physics knowledge increases your ability to think outside the box; be innovative and simply think differently
> Science and engineering are different schools of thoughts. Knowing both is advantageous. 
> Better Job opprotunities : engineering job with some science aspects or science job with practicality of engineering
> Prestige!
Is a master degree better for me than another Bsc?
A second degree costs you one additional year of average load but MSc costs 2-3 additional years
Double degrees are done in parallel but MSc is done after BSc
MSc requires research component which is very different from traditional courses. Some undergraduate programs also have research component.
You could use these courses (senior project, seminar or summer training) toward gaining research experience as well.
In general, BSc gives your breadth while MSc gives you depth. Very different undergraduate degrees (say science and engineering) could also give you depth. 
In general, depth is more about "how do you think what you study"  rather than "what you study". It is a style of thinking
How long does the process take?
After submitting your request to double major to the department, the request usually is approved within one academic semester. It is better to apply

When is the best time to apply?
There is no specific time. However, toward the end of the freshman year is a good time.
Best wishes
For further information please contact:
Dr. Jihad H Al-Sadah
Asst. Professor, Physics - KFUPM
KFUPM, Building 6, Room 145
Dhahran 31261, SA
Office    +966 3 860 4893