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The New Teachers of PYP. The new faculty members who will be making contributions to the Prep-Year Program are Mr. Aijaz Ahmad, Mr. Zahid Ahmed Baduruthamal and Dr. Hafiz Qayyum Abdul Qayyum (Back Row, Left to Right). They were welcomed by Mr. Dan Oxley, Prep-English Director; Dr. Tayseer Abu Alrub, Prep-Science and Engineering Program Director; Dr. Abdulaziz M. Al-Assaf, Assistant Dean; and Mr. Hussam Sharqawi, Prep-Math Director (Front Row, Left to Right) and other faculty members like Dr. Ahmed Abdelrazec, Mr. Dominick Antonucci and Mr. Elyas Al-Shawish (Back Row, Starting with the fourth person from Left to Right).

The Prep-Year Program conducted an Orientation Program to welcome its three (3) new faculty members on Tuesday, January 15, 10:00AM, at Building 57, Room 466-A.

          The main purpose of this event is to present and discuss the overview of the current programs, rules and regulations and upcoming activities of PYP to its new faculty members. Also, it aims to improve their familiarity in the workplace and to strengthen their camaraderie with their supervisors and colleagues.

          For term 182, there are three (3) new faculty members who joined the Prep-Year Program. Two of them joined the Prep-Science and Engineering Program—Mr. Zahid Ahmed Baduruthamal and Dr. Hafiz Qayyum Abdul Qayyum while the remaining one, Mr. Aijaz Ahmad, joined the Prep-Math Program.