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Center of Excellence in Maintenance (CEIM)

Overview: Maintenance plays a critical role in enabling organizations to achieve their objectives, increase profitability, reduce costs and improve the over all equipment effectiveness. This leads to the emergence of maintenance as a critical business function that must be planned, optimized and controlled.
In its quest to support manufacturing and service industries and enrich the educational experience and serve industry, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM) has established the Center for Excellence in Maintenance (CEIM). The objective of CEIM is to bring together organizations from the public and the private sectors and faculty members  and students from different disciplines, to work together as partners in order to solve local industrial problems and advance knowledge in the area of maintenance.
As such the center will create partnerships with organizations in the kingdom. These organizations will be members of the Center, will be represented on the Center Board and receive discounted services such as consultancy, short courses, projects and training programs.

The Center provides an Opportunity to:

Create partnerships and cooperate with industry through industrial membership program of the Center.
Serve industry in an efficient manner
Offer well-guided training programs.
Link industry in the Kingdom with international centers in the area of maintenance.
Advance research and applications in the area of maintenance.
Focus on inter-disciplinary research.
Enhance students learning experience.[/peekaboo_content]
Website: For more details please refere to the CEIM website which offers more information on:

  • Center activities.
  • Industrial membership.
  • List of training programs.
  • On-going projects.
  • Current list of workshops and seminars.
  • Links to homepages of other international centers in maintenance and related areas and other on-line resources on the worldwide web.
  • List of useful books and articles.
  • Faculty areas of expertise.