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Center of Excellence in Supply Chain Management (CESCM)

A leading Center for Supply Chain Management in the region dedicated to the generation and dissemination of knowledge and professional services related to Supply Chain Management.

The mission of the Center for Supply Chain Management at KFUPM is to conduct applied research , assist in promoting SCM education, and provide other valuable services such as training programs, professional roundtables, and seminars in close collaboration with industry to the mutual benefit of KFUPM and the business community.

Excellence in basic and applied research: Conduct original and high-quality basic and applied research to provide innovative and practical solutions to emerging SCM issues. High-quality industrial projects and training programs: Conduct projects and develop relevant training programs in the area of SCM that meet industry’s needs. Knowledge hub for SCM industry professionals: Serve as an effective source of information for affiliated organizations. Enhance the educational process for students: Assist students in conducting their master’s theses, senior projects and co-op training programs through effective links with industry.

To meet its objectives, CESCM shall engage in the following activities:
  • Research: CESCM researchers shall conduct research on supply chain management issues to develop innovative and practical solutions that address business problems in the management of the end-to-end supply chain. Such activities will benefit industry and provide relevance to the research topics of faculty working in this area.
  • Education: CESCM shall assist in the creation and development of academic SCM programs at KFUPM, Dammam Community College, and other regional institutions to prepare students for SCM careers. CESCM shall provide students with opportunities for senior projects, co-op assignments and advance degree theses in an environment supported by true industry partnerships which offers offsite learning and meaningful internship opportunities for students, and stimulates corporate research opportunities for faculty members.
  • Training Programs: The center shall focus on the development and delivery of courses and certification programs to promote supply chain professionalism in the Gulf Area.  In this connection, CESCM will develop and conduct training programs to prepare supply chain professionals for certification from reputable international organizations such as the National Contract Management Association, the Association for Operations Management (APICS), Institute of Supply Management (ISM), American Society of Transportation & Logistics (AST&L) Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), and the Institute of Business Forecasting (IBF) and other organizations.
  • Collaboration with International SCM Centers: CESCM shall promote cooperation with international SCM organizations and centers to network with other university and academic organizations throughout the world.
    Collaboration with local and International Professional Societies
    CESCM promotes cooperation with local and international professional SCM organizations throughout the world.
  • Hub of information for Industry Professionals: CESCM serves as a hub of information by focusing on the following activities:
    - Conduct meetings and forums for member companies to share best SCM practices, identify research issues, and disseminate leading-edge developments.
    -  Maintain website with members-only access to resources such as research, tools, presentations, and student resumes.
    - Develop and organize seminars, workshops, and conferences for sharing the latest development in the area.

CESCM values and actively promotes a high level of collaboration between the business community and KFUPM.  As clearly indicated in the minutes summarizing the deliberations of several meetings between KFUPM and Saudi Aramco Material Supply, both parties will work together to establish CESCM. CESCM invites other organizations to join in through the signing of memoranda of collaboration. Member companies will be given priority in the services offered by the center and will have access to members-only resources on the Center’s website. Member companies will also have priority in the selection of the Advisory Board of the Center.