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 Concentration Programs for CISE Students

Concentrations Programs for CISE Students

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

This interdisciplinary program covers subjects related to mechatronics, robotics, and UAVs (drones). Students develop the skills required to understand, design, and implement smart systems and robots to solve engineering problems. Topics include the fundamentals of autonyms systems, including sensing, reasoning, and acting, in addition to robotics-specific topics, such as power sources, machine vision, actuation (e.g. linear actuators and electric motors), manipulation, locomotion (walking, rolling, climbing, etc.), environmental navigation, and human-robot interaction (including speech recognition and gestures). Applications are wide-ranging, and include industrial robots, as well as those used in the military, construction, agriculture, and in medical fields.

Hosted by: SE


First SemesterSecond Semester
CISE 480: Introduction to Robotics & Autonomous Systems  CISE 481: Applied Control for Robotic Systems
CISE483: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robots CISE 482: Path Planning and Navigation for Mobile Robots


Drone Design and Applications

This interdisciplinary program develops the design and build of fixed-wing and multi-rotor drones at several levels of autonomy, from remote-controlled, to human-supervised, to fully autonomous. Topics include the physics of flight, fuselage design, rotor design, drone dynamics, performance and stability, control systems, guidance and navigation, mission payloads, ground control systems, and autonomous systems. Students conceive, design, fabricate (in 3D prototype), and apply drones. This program also covers drone swarms, regulations, security, AI, and machine learning, and touches on emerging anti-drone solutions. Applications of this field are universal, and have become omnipresent in most industries. The program emphasizes the applications of drones in the new digital economy by highlighting case studies of the utilization of drones in industries such as like oil and gas, logistics, environment, security, etc.

Hosted by: AE


First SemesterSecond Semester

AE 449: Fundamentals of UAS


CISE 482: Path Planning and Navigation for Mobile Robots
CISE483: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Robots AE 454: UAS Design and Integration