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 Current Students

The department is proud to have energetic and highly skilled undergraduate students.  With a total of 612 students in both the ISE and CISE programs, the SE department has been blessed to have a good number of active students who have been working as one team. The different backgrounds of our students (ISE and CISE), and their work as a team in their extra-curricula activities, have been instrumental in major accomplishments of the department.

SE Club

The club was officially approved by the KFUPM Deanship of Students Affairs at the beginning of the spring semester of 2009 (082). The club members elected Fahad Al-Sayyari, as the president of the club & Hattan Felemban as vice  presedent. Abubakr Said represents the committee of design projects, Qusai Al-Dharrab representing  the media team, Fareed Hussain representing the public relations, Turky bin Zaraah incharge of financial affairs and Muhannad Al-Ghamdi taking charge of Managerial and Financial affairs.

The basic mission of the club is to support creative and innovative students to implement their ideas and present them to interested people who may adopt their ideas and support them both financially and technically. The club has many students who can mentor younger students in their projects. This helps pass the experience of senior students to younger ones. This in turn should raise the standard of the projects being made and improve the overall performance of students in their study.

The club also organizes field trips, workshops, technical lectures and presentations that aim to reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge and the industrial practices. A total of 141 students are registered as club members.

The club activities in campus covers the two major areas in the field of Control & Instrumentation Systems Engineering and Industrial & Systems Engineering. Some of the current projects that are supported by the club are Self Balancing Human Transporter, Led Wheel, Table Tennis Automated Referee, Water Jet Clock, Recycling paper study, Optimization of  University buses (routes and bus-stops layouts) and Statistical study of KFUPM Graduates Feedback.