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Systems Engineering Department.
The Systems Engineering Department is one of the three departments hosted in the collage of computer sciences and engineering. The Systems Engineering programs cover analysis, design, and control of engineering systems. The programs focus on the science and technology of industrial systems. They emphasize the analysis and design of systems to produce goods and services efficiently. Two unique features set systems engineering apart from other engineering disciplines: (1) the particular attention devoted to both the physical processes involved and to the decision making components of the industrial environment, and (2) the wide scope applicability of its systems methodology, not limited to manufacturing industries, but effectively used in all kinds of business organizations.

Programs In SE:
The Department offers two  main educational programs: Programs in the area of operations research and Industrial Engineering, and programs in the area of control, automation and Instrumentation.
The systems engineering Department currently offers both undergraduate (i.e., BS) and graduate (i.e., MS and Ph.D.) programs in Systems Engineering. The B.S. program in System Engineering has two versions: either with or without coop. Both undergraduate and graduate programs allow students to choose one of the two programs: (1) Industrial and Systems Engineering; or (2) Control and  Instrumentation Systems Engineering.