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 Dr Mohammad A. M. Abdel-Aal

Assistant Professor
​ DrMAbdelaal.png

Office: 22-227
Phone: 966-13-860-4744
Fax: 966-13-860-2965
Email: mabdelaal(at)
Curriculum Vitae
  • PhD, Industrial & Systems Engineering, KFUPM., Saudi Arabia, 2016
  • MSc, Industrial Engineering, Assiut University, Egypt, 2010
  • BSc, Mechanical Engineering, Assiut University, Egypt, 2004
  • ISE 303: Operations Research I
  • ISE-323 Work and Process Improvements
  • ISE 402: Production Systems and Inventory Control 
  • ISE 405 lab: simulation with Arena software
Research Interests
  • Production and Inventory Control
  • Supply Chain Modeling and Design
  • Optimization and Operations Research
  • Mathematical Programming
  • Decision Making under Uncertainty
  • Risk Modeling and Analysis
  • Discrete-Event Simulation
Selected Publications
  1. Abdel-Aal, M.A.M., Seyd, M.N., Selim, S.Z., Multi-Product Selective Newsvendor Problem with Service Level Constraints and Market Selection Flexibility. International Journal of Production Research 55 (1), pp. 96-117, 2017, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2016.1195932 
  2. Abdel-Aal, M.A.M., Selim, S.Z., Risk-averse multi-product selective newsvendor problem with different market entry scenarios under CVaR criterion. Computers & Industrial Engineering 103, pp. 250-261, 2017, DOI: 10.1016/j.cie.2016.11.026.
  3. Abdel-Aal, M.A.M., El-Sharief, M.A., Ezz El-Deen, A. And Nassr, A., Supply Chain Performance Evaluation: A Comprehensive Evaluation System, International Journal of Business Performance and Supply Chain Modelling, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp.141–166, 2011.