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 ISE Degree Plan

Degree requirements for the ISE program

The degree requirements for the ISE program can be grouped into five broad sets of requirements as shown below.

(a) General Education Requirements: 49 credit hours

Arabic Studies IAS 101, 201, 3016
English Language ENGL 101, 102, 2149
Islamic Studies IAS 111, 212, 3226
Mathematics MATH 101, 102, 201, 26014
Chemistry CHEM 1014
Physics PHYS 101, 1028
Physical Education PE 101, 1022

(b) General Engineering Fundamentals: 30 credit hours

CE 101 Engineering Graphics2
ICS 103 Computer Programming in C3
EE 201 Electrical Circuits4
ISE 205 Probability and Statistics3
ME 206 Manufacturing Technology4
ME 215 Material Science4
CISE 301 Numerical Methods3
CISE 302 Linear Control Systems4
ISE 307 Engineering Economic Analysis3

(c) Industrial and Systems Engineering Core Courses: 36 credit hours

ISE 201 Introduction to ISE1
ISE 303 Operations Research I3
ISE 304 Industrial Costing3
ISE 323 Work Systems and Methods3
ISE 320 Industrial Quality Control3
ISE 325 Engineering Statistics3
ISE 361 Data Base Design3
ISE 390 Seminar0
ISE 391 Industrial Engineering Design2
ISE 402 Production Systems3
ISE 405 Stochastic Systems Simulation3
ISE 421 Operations Research II3
ISE 422 Facility Layout and Location3
ISE 490 Senior Project (for summer training option)3

(d) Electives:

Students opting for the summer training stream are required to take 12 credit hours of ISE electives and 6 credit hours form KFUPM offering at large. Students opting for the cooperative training stream are required to take 9 credit hours of ISE electives and 3 credit hours form KFUPM offering at large.
ISE Elective Courses
ISE 411 Productivity Engineering and Management
ISE 420 Quality Improvement Methods
ISE 425 Queuing Systems
ISE 429 Maintenance Planning and Control
ISE 443 Human Factors Engineering
ISE 447 Decision Making
ISE 448 Sequencing and Scheduling
ISE 461 Computer Aided Manufacturing and Robotics
ISE 463 Theory of Stochastic processes
ISE 464 Industrial information Systems
ISE 465 Industrial Safety
ISE 470 Supply Chain Systems Modeling
ISE 480 Reliability and Maintainability
ISE 492 Special Topics in production and Quality Control
ISE 493 Special Topics in Reliability and Maintenance
ISE 496 Industrial Strategic Planning & Balanced Scorecards

(e)Summer Training or Coop Training

Students taking the summer training option must spend 8 weeks of training in a in a facility approved by the department. This can be done in a summer term after completing a minimum of 85 credit hours. Each student needs to submit a report and make an oral presentation. The ISE 399 (Summer training ) is a zero credit pass/fail course.
For coop option, students must register the Coop training course ISE350 after completing a minimum of 85 credit hours, and have a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.0. Students are required to join a 28-week long industrial training program approved by the department. A total of 9 credit hours is allocated to ISE 351 as it replaces three courses namely, Senior Project ISE 490, one ISE elective and one free elective.