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 ISE Degree Plan

Degree Requirements for ISE program


(a) General Education Requirements (51 credit hours)                                                                           Credit Hours

Arabic StudiesIAS 1012
ChemistryCHEM 1014
English LanguageENGL 101,102, 2149
Islamic StudiesIAS 111, 212, xxx6
MathematicsMATH 101,102, 201, 20814
Engineering Probability and StatisticsISE 2053
PhysicsPHYS 101,1028
Physical EducationPE 101,1022
​Business​BUS 200​3


(b) Core Requirements: I&SE

General Engineering Fundamentals (22 credits)                                                                                    Credit Hours

Engineering GraphicsCE 1012
Fundamentals of Electrical CircuitsEE 2043
Digital EnablersICS 104, ISE 291, COE 2929
Materials Science and EngineeringME 2163
Materials LabME 2171
Manufacturing ProcessesME 3223
Manufacturing LabME 3231


Industrial Engineering Fundamentals (37 credits)                                                                                Credit Hours

Numerical MethodsCISE 3013
Linear Control SystemsCISE 3053
Operations Research IISE 3033
Engineering Economic AnalysisISE 3073
Engineering StatisticsISE 3153
Optimization MethodsISE 3213
Quality Control & Ind. Stat.ISE 3203
Work and Process ImprovementISE 3242
Industrial Engineering DesignISE 3912
Production Systems and Inv. ControlISE 4023
Stochastic Systems SimulationISE 4053
Facility Layout and LocationISE 4223
Senior Design ProjectISE 4823
SeminarISE 4990


(c) Electives (18 cedit hours)

Credit Hours

​Departmental Electives​ISE xxx​12
​Technical Electives​XX xxx​3
​GS Electives​GS xxx​3


Areas of concentration:

Each student must take 3 elective courses from the following I& SE list of courses in addition to one free elective course from any major in the University at the junior or senior level.  In addition a student may choose to focus his electives in one of the following concentration areas.


Operations Research and Statistics

Operations Research II                                                   ISE 426

Industrial Engineering in Healthcare Systems                ISE 430

Decision Making                                                             ISE 447

Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Analytics   ISE 468

Special Topics in Operations Research                           ISE 491


Production and Quality control

Advanced Quality Methods                                             ISE 420

Sequencing & Scheduling                                               ISE 448

Industrial Information Systems                                        ISE 464

Supply Chain Systems Modelling                                    ISE 470

Logistics and Transportation Systems                             ISE 472

Special Topics in Production and Quality Control           ISE 492


Reliability and Maintenance

Maintenance Planning and Control                                  ISE 429

Industrial Safety                                                                ISE 465

Reliability and Maintainability                                          ISE 480

Special Topics in Reliability and Maintenance                  ISE 493


Productivity and Process Improvement

Productivity Engineering    and Management                  ISE 413

Engineering Project Management                                    ISE 440

Human Factors Engineering                                              ISE 443

Industrial Process Reengineering                                      ISE 460

Industrial Safety                                                                 ISE 465

Special Topics in IE/OR                                                      ISE 494

Industrial Strategic Planning & Balanced Scorecard         ISE 496


Automation and Control

Digital Systems Design                                                     CISE 204

Computer Control Systems                                              CISE 318

Industrial Automation                                                      CISE 431

Digital Signal Processing                                                  CISE 432

Special Topics in Automation and Control                       CISE 495



(d) Summer Training Program (Pass/Fail Grade; Zero credit hours)


Each student must participate in a summer training program of industrial experience, submit a formal written report on his work during the program, and give an oral presentation (seminar). The period of training must be at least eight consecutive weeks. The student is eligible for summer training after completing a minimum of 95 credit hours.


(e) Degree requirements for the Industrial Engineering with Internship


The total requirement for the regular B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering without Internship is 128 semester credit hours. The course requirements for the Industrial Engineering BS program with Internship are very similar to the regular BS program described above, differing only in the following:

i. Two courses, with a total of 6 credit hours, are dropped from the requirements. Two ISE Electives are dropped from the requirements (a total of 6 credits). These courses are replaced by ISE 398, Internship (6 credit hours).

ii. When the student returns from coop he submits a report about his Internship experience but he has to register for ISE 482 (3 credit hours) separately and write his design project under this course.
iii. Internship ISE 398 (6 credit hours).

Each student must participate in one regular semester of industrial training approved by the department and must submit a comprehensive report on his work during that period. The student is permitted to start his internship work after completing a minimum of 95 credit hours. The internship student must attain an overall GPA of 2.0 and a major GPA of 2.0 prior to starting his internship work.


​ISE CoursesISE Old Program.pdf​Flow and Prerequisite Structure for ISE Intership OptionFlow and Prerequisite Structure for ISE Summer Training Option