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 ISE Program 133-CH Degree Plan with Coop


Program 133-CH Degree Plan

(Coop Option)


Preparatory Year

ENGL001Preparatory English I1558 ENGL 002Preparatory English II1558
MATH001Preparatory Math I314 MATH002Preparatory Math II314
PYP001Prep. Physical Sciences202 PYP002Prep. Computer Sciences021
PYP003University Study Skills021 ME 003Prep. Eng. Technology021
PE 001Prep. Physical Educ. I021 PE 002Prep Physical Educ II021
   201016    181215

Total Credits required in Preparatory Program: 31

First Year (Freshman)

MATH 101Calculus I404 MATH102Calculus II404
PHYS 101General Physics I334 PHYS 102General Physics II334
ENGL 101Intro. to Acad. Discourse303 ICS 103Computer Programming233
CHEM 101General Chemistry I344 ENGL 102Intro. to Report Writing   303
IAS 101Practical Grammar202 IAS 111Belief & its Consequences202
       PE 101Physical Education I021
   15717    14817

Second Year (Sophomore)

MATH 201Calculus III303 MATH 260Introduction to DE and LA.303
ME 215Materials Science334 ISE 205Engineering Prob. & Stats.303
ISE 201Introduction to ISE101  ME 206Manufacturing Technology334
EE 201Electric Circuit I334 ENGL 214Acad. & Prof. Comm303
CE 101Engineering Graphics132 CISE 301Numerical Methods303
IAS201Writing for Professional Needs 202 IAS301Oral Communication Skill202
IAS 212Professional Ethics202 PE 102Physical Education II021
   15918    17519

Third Year (Junior)

ISE 303Operations Research I303 ISE 304Principles of Industrial Cost303
ISE 307Engineering Economic Anal.303 ISE 320Industrial Quality Control303
ISE 323Work and Process Improve. 233 ISE 391Industrial Eng. Design132
ISE 325Engineering Statistics303 ise 402 Production Systems303
ISE 361Fund. of Data Base Systems233 ISE 405Stochastic System Sim.233
CISE 302Linear Control Systems334 IAS322Human Rights in Islam202
   16919    14616
ISE350Cooperative Work Program000       

Fourth Year (Senior)

ISE 351Cooperative Work Program009 ise 421 Operations Research II303
       ISE 422Facility Layout and Location303
       ISE 4xxISE Elective Ixx3
       ISE 4xxISE Elective IIxx3
       ISE 4xxISE Elective IIIxx3
       XXXxxxFree Elective xx3
   009    6018

Total credit hours required in Degree Program: 133