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 Master of Maintenance and Reliability

This interdisciplinary program offers a mastery level knowledge and modern skills that are critical for keeping engineered systems and equipment up, safe, and well configured to achieve maximum performance, reliability, and utilization while minimizing failure, downtime, and cost. As plants and industrial systems are tuned for maximum performance, and many are mission-critical, the need for professionals well versed in the latest IR4.0 and digitalization technologies and who are knowledgeable in keeping these systems reliable is increasing rapidly.

The program will prepare professionals from various engineering background to develop proactive maintenance and reliability strategies that keep systems safe to operate with high availability and reliability. It covers maintenance management (strategy, forecasting, capacity planning, preventive, standards, auditing, etc.), advanced reliability (measures, reliability curve, assessment, failure analysis and prediction, reliability growth, etc.), maintenance data analytics (regression, association rules, clustering and classification, automated data mining, scheduling, etc.), and intelligent condition maintenance (e.g. residual lifecycle, condition monitoring and inspection, preventive maintenance decision optimization). The program also covers turnarounds (systems approach, phases, scoping, preparation, scheduling, execution, startup, etc.), optimization and simulation (mathematical models that include linear, nonlinear, and chance constrained programming and their application in various areas of maintenance), HSE systems (hazards, risks, risk management, environmental impact risk assessment, etc.), and life cycle costing (e.g. techniques, managing risk and uncertainty, depreciation, replacement, breakeven analysis).

Program Requirement :

BSc in engineering

Degree Plan :

Semester One

  • Maintenance Systems Management
  • Advance Reliability Engineering
  • Principles of Health Safety and Environmental Management
  • Deformation Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Material

Semester Two

  • Optimization and Simulation of Maintenance Systems
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence in Condition Based Maintenance
  • Data Analytics for Reliability and Maintenance
  • Project


  • Turnaround and Shutdown Maintenance.
  • Project