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The Industrial Systems Engineering Department has excellent faculty who contribute towards research and contribute to enhancement of the education programs at the department. They help the department towards strengthening the relationship with the local industry. They are always active in disseminating knowledge in their areas of expertise in Industrial and Systems Engineering.
Undergraduate Students
The department is proud to have energetic and highly skilled undergraduate students.  With a current total of more than 900 students in the ISE program, the ISE department has been blessed to have a good number of active students who have been working as one team. The different backgrounds of our students, and their work as a team in their extra-curricula activities, have been instrumental in major accomplishments of the department.
Graduate Students
The department proudly present the graduate students team who are the major engine in contributing to department research activities with their faculty supervisors. They also assist the department in teaching and various other activities within the department. The department always value their contributions.
The staff members of the department were of valuable support to both the faculty and the students. Their efforts have always been essential to the smooth running of the daily tasks at the department.