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We are very delighted that you are here reading these lines about the Department of Systems Engineering, home for excellence in education, research, and strong relationship with the local industry. The education programs at the department includes two BS programs (B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering, and a B.S. in Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering), six master degree programs (in IE, Maintenance, Supply chain management, and control engineering), and two PhD programs (one in IE and the other in Control Engineering). The offered programs meet international standards in terms of level and contents.  
The expertise of the faculty members covers two main areas: Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering. The areas of excellence of the departments cover Maintenance engineering, Supply Chain management, Operations research, Quality Control and Engineering, Process Control, Linear systems Theory, and Advanced Instrumentation Systems. 
The department is keen to build very strong relationship with the local industry. To achieve this objective, the department is hosting two center of excellence (One in maintenance, and the other in Supply Chain management). In addition, the department organizes workshops and meetings for local engineers in different areas including (industrial control systems, supply chain management, and maintenance).
The department is very proud to have very energetic and skillful undergraduate students in both the ISE and the CISE programs. Their different academic background and their enthusiasm created an excellent environment for their education through their team work in course work and in extra curricula activities.  
This website contains a comprehensive set of information related to the Systems Engineering Department. Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, people from the industry, visitors, will find what they are looking for. In addition, please feel free to contact me and the SE  faculty members if you have any enquiry.
Dr. Mujahed AlDhaifallah
Acting Chairman, SE Department​