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Seminar: "Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) : Application and Research Opportunities"



"Logical Analysis of Data (LAD) : Application and Research Opportunities"


Wednesday, 11 March, 2015

 From 2:10 PM - 3:10 PM         Location    22-130

Speaker: Dr. Hany Osman

Assistant Professor at the Systems Engineering Department 


LAD was introduced in 1986 as a data mining approach developed based on theory of combinatorics and Boolean functions. LAD is used for diagnosis and prognosis purposes, where it provides a classification tool capable of distinguishing between several phenomena occurring in a given system. LAD has been applied successfully in engineering, business, and medical applications.

In this seminar, a presentation on LAD will be given. The presentation discusses the implementation of LAD and its applications. Also, the presentation will discuss a real case on the application of LAD on railways conditional based maintenance. Finally, the presentation will highlight the future research required to improve the performance of LAD. 

Dr. Hany Osman, Assistant Professor at the Systems Engineering Department, earned his Ph.D. from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada in 2011. His research interests involve the joint area between Operations Research and Operations Management. The field of research of his Ph.D. study was in supply chain optimization and handling large scale mathematical models using decomposition techniques. In a six-month Post-doctoral Fellowship at University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada, he conducted a research on Transfer Line Balancing Problems. He joined Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal as a post-doctoral fellow for two years. During this two years, he started his recent research direction in the data mining approach Logical Analysis of Data (LAD).  Specifically, he is interested in developing new methods using nature inspired algorithms and decomposition techniques to generate the patterns required for implementing LAD to large scale datasets.