His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef sponsors the Forty-Seventh Graduation Ceremony

News Date : 11/04/2017




His Royal Highness Governor of the Eastern Province, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, sponsors the forty-seventh graduation ceremony, which will be held at the University’s stadium in Dhahran on Thursday, 13 April 2017. This year, 1449 graduate candidates will be awarded degrees, out of which 1033 are Bachelor students, 371 are Masters students, and 45 are PHD students.
On this occasion, KFUPM’s Rector, Dr Khalid Al-Sultan, expressed his (and all KFUPM’s community members’) pride in this patronage. His Excellence said that this patronage is an appreciation of the University and its role in the qualification of professionals and preparing them for their role in serving production and utility sectors.
Dr. Al-Sultan added that this patronage is the embodiment of the great attention, our wise government gives to education. He noted that this interest stems from a deep conviction in the role of education in preparing human resources committed to high principles, maintaining virtuous values, and keeping up to the latest developments in this era.
Dr. Al-Sultan said that the University's commitment to modernize the education process and its desire to reach international quality standards is the hallmark of the University. What really helped KFUPM to adhere to excellence was the support of our generous government, which enabled the University to use the latest technology and attract qualified teaching faculty members and those with high impact factors. All of this pours in the best interest of the student who gets distinguished training that makes him capable, when he graduates, to keep up with developments in science and technology, and contribute to the achievement of comprehensive development.
He said that the University is eager to have distinguished graduates in ethics as much as in science, and to enjoy the skills required at the labour market. To this end, the University has established a program to develop the required skills to improve the student's abilities, intellect and behavior, and prepare him to cope with the requirements of the labour market and help him succeed and excel in before and after graduation.
He expressed his hope that the University would achieve further accomplishments in the coming years. He gave his sincere congratulations for graduates, and thanked those who had contributed to their success, including their parents and teachers.