KFUPM Rector honors distinguished achievers

News Date : 16/05/2017

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Dr. Al Sultan stated that students were our "most valued product" and the success achieved in winning many local and international competitions can be attributed to the University Experience model of KFUPM

In the current academic year KFUPM students have had some notable successes in the academic field, and received a large number of important awards, illustrating their considerable potential and abilities. While it is unsurprising that KFUPM students are on the list of winning candidates in scientific and engineering competitions, many of our students are having success in fields outside their specialties and winning completions in the fields of sports, art and culture.

On Tuesday, 16th May 2017, KFUPM honored 50 students who won 16 different competitions in local, international, Arab and Gulf contests. Certificates of appreciation were offered to the students who achieved first place in their competitions. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mohammed Al-Homoud, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Alojairi, Dean of Student Affairs and a number of academic officials.

HE Dr. Al Sultan said the students are the University’s most valued product. As well as providing excellent academic and academic training for its students, the University looks to develop the spirit of innovation and creativity among students which has had a clear impact on KFUPM graduates' admission to the best universities, and to sought-after places in the workplace.

Dr. Al Sultan stressed that the success of the University’s students was due to the fact that the University had adopted a unique concept in their preparation. He pointed out  that the formation of an integrated personality capable of achieving professional success required, in addition to modern courses, providing students with self and interactive skills and broadening their horizons beyond merely getting a degree.

He added that the university had continued to offer its own model of academic study: a model which ensures that the student obtains a ‘university experience’ that does not depend solely on courses but extends to skills, values and behavior. It relies on a unique personal skills program, a volunteer unit, student activities, a student exchange program, and international student trips.

KFUPM has established an innovative skills development program, that provides students with the required skills for the labor market and the motivation  to develop their own personal skills. HE pointed out that the program periodically reviews and studies the opinions of labor market leaders about their expectation of graduates in terms of excellence skills and effective performance.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Alojairi, Dean of Student Affairs, thanked HE the Rector for his unlimited support to students in particular and to the Deanship in general. Dr. Alojairi expressed his compliments to the participating teams in the competitions for their efforts in training and preparing. He said that the faculty members who supervised the participating teams had an influential role in these achievements. He also added that KFUPM students had always proved that their excellence was not limited to scientific excellence but they had put their fingerprints in all areas of competition such as innovation, marketing, computer and sports.

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