HRH Governor honors KFUPM Professors and Students

His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, honors a number of University Professors and Students who develop new innovative patents. The honoring ceremony was held at the Governor's office in Dammam during the weekly council called "Alethniniah". His Royal Highness welcomed the KFUPM delegation headed by His Excellency Dr. Khaled S. Al-Sultan together with some University senior officials including the Vice Rectors, Supervisors, Deans, Faculty and Students.

19th IAB Meeting

The Rector of the University shared knowledgeable insights about patents, innovation, technical leadership and the University system during the ceremony held on Monday, 7 November 2016. The primary goal of the University system is to encourage developing strong collaborations with the international and national companies to conduct and develop their research & development centers in Dhahran Techno Valley (DTV) and build portfolios of patents and intellectual property to the University, a strategy to boost technological leadership activities and the development of infrastructure to support innovation, entrepreneurship and the establishment of sustainable mechanisms for technology transfer, licensing and leasing.

Dr. Al-Sultan also explained the greater impact of Dhahran Techno Valley that supports the advance research possibilities for the development of the national industries and meets the technological strategy needs such as oil, traditional gas, solid gas, chemicals, petrochemicals and energy.

He also pointed out that the institutions supporting the innovation, research and transitional entrepreneurial innovation chose Dhahran Techno Valley as their main headquarters, referring to the onset of economic growth indicators of the system. The DTV’s companies have investment of 1.5 billion Saudi Riyal including 400 employees and most of them are Saudi graduates who work as researchers. There were 90 new technical products produced by the R&D centers in DTV in addition to the 65 intellectual properties.

19th IAB Meeting

DTV is the largest assembly in the world of R&D centers of petroleum and gas companies in one location. King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals ranked 14th worldwide among universities issued by US patents office. The University produced 815 patents which is 60% of the total number of patents issued by all universities in the Arab countries.

His Excellency explained the vision of the system of the DTV, which is planned to be finished as the knowledge-based economy on 2020.

19th IAB Meeting

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals secures a leading position among other universities in the world in terms of capacity for invention and innovation sites, as the DTV appears on the universal map of the R&D centers as a promising site for energy research in general, and oil & gas in particular. DTV’s integration components made a model for systems support for innovation and leadership in the region, and said that the achievement and plans in this direction is compatible with the objectives of the national transformation program 2020 and Vision 2030.

He also mentioned that KFUPM has already achieved 454 patents, for this reason the University owned the 59% patent issued in all Arab Universities. In 2015, the University jumped to the 13th position in world universities ranking according to the number of patents filed in US patent office. As of now, there were 20 R&D’s in DTV, 2 knowledge-based products and 20 more knowledge-based products in process. The University Endowment fund invests 15 Million Saudi Riyal to establish new technology company.

The student Ahmed Zahir has delivered a speech on behalf of the recognized faculty and students, in which he expressed his deep thanks and great gratitude to His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef for the endless support of the development of science and R&D’s, noting that this achievement will drive us to further achievement.

19th IAB Meeting

He said, "When I was a student in the secondary school, I had an idea to create a mechanic medical device, but I didn’t give a chance to enrich my skills until I joined KFUPM. I submitted my work to KFUPM Innovation center that provided the logistic support and the result was brilliant; a registered patent in the US patents office. Also, the University gave me a chance to participate in the 6th Scientific Conference for the students and I achieved 3rd place in the field of patents. In addition, I participated in KFUPM 50K challenge, which considered as the biggest competition in the Middle East of this kind. The support of the University never stops on this limit, I joined Entrepreneurship Institute which helps the job seekers to a job providers. Now, I am working in developing my own business and to create a new patent through a unique mechanism that enables the students of owning all the commercial rights of patent.

Following are the highly recognized University Professors and Students:

Dr. Ahmed Al-Garni in Aerospace Engineering Department,
Dr. Jehad Al-Sada in Physics Department,
Dr. Hussein Al-Zahir in Electrical Engineering Department,
Dr. Hussein Al-Dowaish in Electrical Engineering Department,
Dr. Tariq Al-Nafouri in Electrical Engineering Department,
Dr. Samir Maked in Mechanical Engineering Department,
Dr. Mohammed Hawa in Mechanical Engineering Department,
Dr. Mamdouh Al-Harthi in Chemical Engineering Department,
Dr. Lahouari Ghouti, Information and Computer Science Department,
Dr. Raed Al-Sheikh – 6 patents, Graduate student,
Adnan Asaly – 1 patent, Graduate Student,
Majed Al-Shammari – 1 patent, Graduate Student,
Saad Al-Abbas – 1 patent, graduate student,
Elyas Al-Shabani-1 patent, student,
Ahmed Zahir – 1 patent, student,
Abdullah Al-Sadda – 1 patent, student.