High School Students require 89% result to join KFUPM

King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals announced the admission results for the next academic year 1438/1439 Hijri. It revealed that the combined ratio required for admission was 89. This ratio was determined by calculating 20% of the secondary certificate score, 30% of the Aptitude Test and 50% of the Achievement test. The three scores combined in one grade and accordingly all those who obtained a grade equals to (89) or more were accepted.

KFUPM has launched an electronic System for all admission procedures from receiving applications to sorting information which made it easier for the students to apply as well as helped us to announce the results early. The university had started receiving applications for high school graduates online on Wednesday 12 Ramadan for 9 days ended on Thursday, 20 Ramadan 1438 through admission website: http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/admissions

One of the admission requirements was that the student must be a graduate of the secondary school or the course system (in Natural Sciences) for the year 1438 Hijri or the previous year, and he has appeared in Aptitude Test of this year (1438) or can use results of last two years. The student has also must completed the Achievement Test of year 1438 or the previous year 1437 Hijri. Moreover, the student must not have previously studied at KFUPM or its affiliated programs.

H.E. Dr. Khalid S. Al-Sultan, KFUPM Rector, congratulated the accepted students, noting that, every year, the university seeks to attract outstanding students who have the highest abilities to succeed and excel in the university. He stressed that the early announcement of the results stems from the University's keenness to excel in all its work, giving the students and their families the opportunity to enjoy the summer vacation and help students make the right decision for their undergraduate studies.

Having expertise in this field, KFUPM lays out the admission policy based-on several scientific criteria studied to ensure the acceptance of students who have high abilities and potentials, stressing that this is done with clarity, transparency and professionalism. The combined ratio of admission this year, allowing only the highest 2% of all school graduates across the country, to be nominated.

He also mentioned that the new students are accepted in the preparatory year program which has been subjected to qualitative developments and proved successful and distinguished since the inception of the university. The program aims to prepare the students academically and scientifically as well as provide them with the necessary skills and prepare them for the academic study. It also provides students sufficient time, in a full academic year, to choose the appropriate specialization.

For his part, Dr. Saad bin Mohammed Al-Shahrani, Dean of Admission and Registration said that the process of admission, like previous years, was done electronically to facilitate the admission process for students and their parents. All students enrolled, have completed the procedure without any obstacles. KFUPM has set up a center for information and admissions inquiries that operates during working hours, outside the working hours and also over the weekend. The center has sufficient staff to carry out this task, in order to provide ease and comfort to the students and achieve the service that upholds the university's reputation and prestige.

In addition to sending text messages to the students, the results were announced on the website of the admissions department http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/admissions

Dr. Al Shahrani said that the acceptance confirmation and the electronically submission of the required documents will be during the period from Thursday, 19 Shawwal 1438 to Monday, 23 Shawwal 1438 through the website of the Admission Department. He also stressed the importance of students' commitment to these dates to ensure their acceptance, noting that the student admission will be canceled if he did not comply with the admission procedures. He added that the student who completes the procedures of confirmation and uploads the required documents electronically will be able to obtain the letter of acceptance, and then could attend the university's introduction program which precedes the beginning of the study days, according to the information mentioned in the letter of acceptance.

For Admission Results visit us at http://qabool.kfupm.edu.sa