New Induction Program facilitates students in many ways

The New induction program for students this year has witnessed significant developments including location, mechanisms and systems which are now well-aligned with new students' priorities as well as it provides an outstanding academic learning experience and personality development. All KFUPM facilities are designed for helping new Students to allow them focusing on their priorities such as achievement, self-development, discipline and behavior.

The headquarter of the induction program is moved from Building 54 to the preparatory year building 57. Although the transition was a major challenge, the university was keen to connect the student to the location where they would spend a full year. This transition helps to shorten the distance to other facilities such as: Library, housing, warehouse and the university's mall.

In addition, this year witnessed full automation of all procedures in advance, student finds all the needs ready on arrival. KFUPM completed most of the arrangements prior to their arrival to avoid overcrowding and enable them to finish all procedures in a period not exceeding 40 minutes.

Previously, the issuance of university cards, ATM card and the choice of housing and housing partner was done during the induction program, but this year, the University finished all these procedures in advance and provided to the student upon arrival. Students do not need to wait for photography to get their card, now through the admission system, they were able to upload their photos and their university cards were ready for them. A free credit balance on "Khadamati" card allows them to pay for food and other services at the university.

In cooperation with Samba Bank, the University has prepared ATM cards for stipend. The ATM card is ready with the activation code in a special envelope and it could be activated at the nearest ATM machine.

Housing system also helped new student to choose his roommate and room electronically and get his room key upon arrival. 1110 out of 1441 students benefited from this system.

After completing these procedures, the student will be fully ready at the beginning of his first day of study and can engage himself in a number of educational and recreational activities without any hassle.