KFUPM “SADEEM” awarded in AIChE's Chem-E-Car Competition

The chemical car team SADEEM (Chem-E-Car) from KFUPM won the second place for 'Best Design' among 42 teams participated in an international competition held recently in San Francisco, USA. The competition is to design a small environmentally friendly car operated through chemical reactions without emission of any harmful substances to the environment.


SADEEM team consisted of nine members named, Mohammed Al Mutawa, Mishari Al-Muhanna, Abdul Karim Aldawlah, Moez Marouf, Shafie Baig, Kareem Zaher, Ibrahim AlDhobaiban, Fahad Al-Harbi and Ziad alghosoun, and it was under the supervision of Dr. Dr. Basim Abussaud (CHE) supervisor of the AICHE Association branch and KFUPM Chemical Engineering Club, with Dr. Mohammed Bashamakh Head of Chemical Engineering Department.

SADEEM, The Chemical Car

The team took a whole year to prepare for this competition, that was a challenging competition in all aspects, "Race", "Design" and "Poster". According to Dr. Abussaud, KFUPM team gained the admiration of the organizers and the participants. The achievements of the SADEEM team was remarkable in respect to its recently established in 2015, pointing out that most of the participant teams are deep-rooted and has long experience in this field. He added.

The team has already participated in the contest which was held for the first time outside US in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the team managed to achieve the second place in "Race" and got the first place in "Design" and "Poster". The team already began their preparations in designing the Car's fourth model to participate in the 2017 contests.

SADEEM Team working together on the Project

Dr. Abussaud said that SADEEM is the outcome of creative skills of the students who practically used the theoretical knowledge instead of just memorizing it, and the competition is a practical application of what the students learned in the subjects of mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering.