HRH Prince Saud bin Nayef is proud of KFUPM’s Volunteering Indicatives

His Royal Highness Governor of the Eastern Province, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, asserted that all officials should follow the KFUPM’s volunteering experience as a role model in their places or work.

During the weekly meeting “Al-Ithnaniah”, where he hosted KFUPM’s volunteer team, His Royal Highness expressed appreciation of KFUPM’s honoring volunteer models, saying “I have been uniquely proud during this hosting. These examples from our children and what they did for their community really makes one prided. Everything they did should be recorded in letters of gold. I am very happy with what I saw and heard that night from KFUPM’s Rector, from Dr. Ahmad Al-Ojairi, the Dean of student affairs, who supervised the initiative, and from KFUPM’s alum Mr. Abdullah Bahamdan and current student Mr. Muhammed Al-Dossari.”

Ten Years of Giving:

In his speech, HRH said “This work, encouraged by our religion, ethics and heritage, assures one that the future generations will be in good hands and in ten years, the volunteer team at KFUPM was able to create a large number of initiatives and work in multiple areas and introduce joy and pleasure to lot of orphans, elderly and sick people. Moreover, the team could also contribute to make our cities clean with planted trees. This was all in cooperation with the authorities, and it helped to disseminate love among society members.”

A typical model:

His Royal Highness addressing his children volunteers, “It is a great thing for the community to have you and your colleagues in different universities and schools, and every volunteer who seeks rewards from Allah. You brought joy to the hearts of all, may Allah bless you and guide you towards what he loves and which pleases him. I hope all activists would follow this volunteer model in all voluntary and charitable areas."

The two students, Abdullah Bahamdan (alum) and Muhammed Al-Dossari, reviewed their personal experience with volunteerism and its impact on them and their colleagues at the University.

The Council was attended by His Highness Prince Badr Bin Mohamed Bin Jalawi, Governor of Al-Ahsa, His Royal Highness Prince Turky bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, the Major General and the commander of King Abdulaziz Air Base in the east sector, His Highness Prince Fahd Bin Abdullah bin Jalawi, the General Supervisor of administrative development and technology, HE Dr. Khaled Al Sultan, KFUPM Rector, HE Dr. Abdulla Al-Rubaish, Rector of Imam AbdulRahman Al Faisal University, , and the Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province, Dr. Khalid Al-Battal, with a number of other high officials.

Dr. Al-Sultan: the University was concerned on the comprehensive qualification of its students

During his speech in the meeting, Dr. Khaled Al-Sultan, KFUPM Rector, expressed his sincere appreciation and gratitude to His Royal Highness governor of the Eastern Province on the support they give to the University, explaining that the tender and generous charity to the people is highly rewarded in our religion and is highly encouraged by our authentic Arabic ethics. He noted that our generous country ranks of the first globally in percentage of what is spent on foreign assistance from the overall gross domestic product. He added, “The University has always been interested in comprehensive qualification for its students before they graduate, and adopting a University experience model which includes knowledge, skills, values, behavior. Furthermore, this model not only creates alumni who are qualified with the knowledge and skills required for competence, but also good citizens who seek the general welfare. Consequently, the University is committed to make volunteerism and its activities an integral part of the student’s experience, starting from his first year on campus. We hope this would help pushing the students to be more altruistic, loving, giving, and positive. This would certainly contribute to forming their characters and preparing them to be builders and leaders in their community and their generous country.”

His excellence said that the University was the first to launch the volunteer festival several years ago, where next year will be the 10th anniversary of this event, stating that volunteering is now achieved as an institutional work.

Dr. Al-Ojairi: 30 students were nominated to lead volunteer teams

During his presentation at the meeting, KFUPM’s Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ojairi, explained that in 2009, the University launched the first voluntary festival in the Kingdom (academic and government sector level). In that event, 1500 students to 17 different areas participated; in order to promote a culture of volunteering among university students, professors, graduates and employees, and to cater for the needs of the community.

"The fruit of conduction the volunteer day for 9 years was 13,500 volunteers who completed more than 150,000 volunteer hours in community service, to produce more than 300 volunteer projects, serve more than 700 poor families, screen more than 10,000 tires for safety, please more than 200 janitors and more than 4000 orphans. To contribute to the organization of volunteering in our beloved Kingdom, the University has nominated 30 of its students to lead all the participating teams in the voluntary initiative of the Ministry of labour in celebrating the international day of volunteers by conduction volunteer projects to serve the community in all 13 provinces of the Kingdom. This activity was organized such that all volunteer teams start at the same time. This initiative witnessed the participation of more than 1000 volunteers, and we were very happy at KFUPM to be entrusted by the Ministry of labor to lead all volunteer teams in all regions of the Kingdom.”