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​Dr. Gondal received congratulations for his two papers from Elsevier. The first paper is  entitled “ Nano ZnO synthesis by modified sol gel method and its application in heterogeneous photocatalytic removal of phenol from water”. This paper was one of the most cited 2011-2012 articles for Applied Catalysis A: General. The Elsevier publisher is very delighted that the 2013 Impact Factor rose to 3.674  (from 3.41) of this journal. According to Gaëlle Hull, Marketing Communications Manager of  Chemical Engineering Journals under Elsevier, authors who publish their best work in the journal are an essential part of this success. As a word of thank to  Prof. Gondal and his  Research team contribution, a top cited award certificate as shown below was awarded to Prof. Gondal and his co authors. This work was conducted by one of Prof. Gondal’s Ph.D student (Mr. K. Hayat) under his supervision. Prof. Gondal is a distinguished professor at Physics Department. This is not the first time that Prof Gondal got such prizes but in the past he has numerous papers which were listed as Hot papers by Science Direct. 

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His second paper  entitled “Enhancement in Photocatalytic activity of acetaldehyde removal by embedding ZnO nanoparticles on multiwall carbon nanotubes” published in high profile journal called “Chemical Engineering Journal”  also was awarded as Top Cited Paper  as depicted below. This was the work of one of his Ph.D student named Mr. TawfiK  A. Saleh. Professor Gondal has published over 360 papers in ISI journals and international Conferences of high repute.


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