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 Phys101 Third Major
Saturday, 25 of April, 2015
 10:00-11:30 AM
Location: Building 59 


1- Each student should know his section number in advance and his room (see the table below).


2- There will be 15 problems in the exam.


3- The duration of the exam is 1 hours and 30 minutes.


4- The exam will cover chapters 9 to 12.


5- Each student should bring his own standard calculator (programmable calculator is not allowed), pencils and eraser.


6- Each student should have his KFUPM ID card with him in the exam.


7- Students will sit according to their sections and ID numbers.


8- Attempts of cheating (like bringing physics-related notes, talking to friends, writing on exam/figure sheets and throwing them under the chair, not switching off the mobile, … etc) are considered as cheating cases and will be dealt with according to KFUPM policies.


 9- Students coming to the exam wearing shorts will not be allowed to enter the exam hall.




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