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Dear PHYS101-151 Students:

In this page you will find all the information you will need about the course, just by clicking the links on this page. The page will be updated whenever necessary. For now, we have the following announcements


1. Lectures and Recitations will start from the first week.

2. Labs will start from the second week.

3. Click on the links given on Phys101 website to see the class schedule and LAB schedule.

4. Students who are repeating the course and would like to carry their previous LAB grade (they do not want to take the LAB again), they should download and fill the application petition form available in this Link  within 2 weeks only and email as an attachment to mogtaba@kfupm.edu.sa. Only mail sent from KFUPM student mail user will be accepted. After submitting this petition, check this website of phys101 after 3 weeks to see if your application is approved or not and if the details of your old lab grade are entered correctly.

For approved list of students carrying previous lab grade, click here.

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