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Be aware of: Code of Academic Honesty  ميثاق النزاهة الأكاديمية 



In this page you will find all the information you will need about the course, just by clicking the links on this page. The page will be updated whenever necessary. For now, we have the following announcements.




Download: Physics 101 Unified-Formula Sheet




Phys101-171: First Major  


Wednesday, 25th of October, 2017


8:00 PM to 10:00 PM


BUILDING 54 (Exhibition Center)


CHAPTERS: 1 to 6




1-There will be 20 problems in the exam. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes.



2- All students are supposed to find the location of the exam and be there ahead of time. Students should know their section numbers. They will sit according to their sections and random serial numbers.


3- I.D. card is strictly required. No one is allowed to take the exam without I.D. card.


4- Each student should bring his own calculator (programmable calculator are not allowed: see the image below), eraser, ruler and pencil to bubble his answers in the computer sheet.




5- Mobiles and Smart watches should be switched off and placed under the chairs. Otherwise, it will be considered as cheating attempt.


6- Cheating attempts will be severely punished.


7- Students should come to the exam properly dressed.


8- No makeup will be offered except for those students who have an official excuse issued by the student affairs.





For approved list of students carrying previous lab grade, click here



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