Welcome to KFUPM Theoretical Physics Group (TPG)

A theoretical physics group was informally founded at KFUPM almost 20 years ago in the early 90s. The original work was limited to atomic and nuclear scattering using the J-matrix approach. Membership increased from only a few (Profs. Yamani and Abdelmonem) to more that 15 as regular, associates, and students; ranging from local to international membership. Research areas are expanding in step with membership. On February 2009, the Group crowned its accomplishments with the establishment of the first Saudi Center for Theoretical Physics (SCTP) under the patronage of HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz. The aim of the center is to expand and strengthen the mission of the Group and make transition towards fulfilling the vision of establishing a national Center running on an efficient, flexible, independent, and highly motivated system for promoting quality work in various fields of theoretical physics. This can only result in significant contributions towards the national development in science and engineering in Saudi Arabia. 
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