Welcome To KFUPM Theoretical Physics Research Group (TPRG)

A theoretical physics research group (TPRG) was informally founded at KFUPM almost 30 years ago in the early 90s. The original work was limited to atomic and nuclear scattering using the J-matrix approach. Membership increased from only a few (Profs. Yamani and Abdelmonem) to more than 30 as regular, associates, and students; ranging from local to international membership. Research areas are expanding in step with membership. The aim of the group is to expand and strengthen theoretical research in Saudi Arabia by promoting quality work in various fields of theoretical physics. This can only result in significant contributions towards the national development in science and engineering in Saudi Arabia and hopefully culminate in the establishment of a National Center for Theoretical Physics that lumps together all theoretical research scientists in Saudi Arabia.


Vision & Mission

The Theoretical Physics Research Group aims to attract top young researchers in the field, men and women, as members, associate members, and visiting scholars to create an exciting environment fostering creative new ideas. It provides a dynamic atmosphere of intense scientific interaction where resident and visiting researchers of varying ages can focus on profound issues in several overlapping sub-disciplines of basic research.


TPRG allows scientists to conduct basic and interdisciplinary research in theoretical Physics. The group will provide a stimulating environment that will constitute an efficient, flexible, independent, and highly motivated system for promoting quality work in various fields of theoretical physics. The group will enable the Kingdom to take an international leadership role in innovative and high quality research in line with modern international trends.


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