KFUPM Institute for Knowledge Exchange (KIKX) is one of the important institutes of KFUPM, with the vision of making KFUPM a hub for knowledge exchange by connecting the scientific community and the industry locally and globally. KIKX is committed to enabling the scientific community and industry partners to broadly disseminate knowledge and ensure its outreach by providing the needed technical and logistical support.

KIKX provides opportunities for cooperation between its university professors and researchers with local and international distinguished counterparts, which enhances the university's research position and reputation and opens new horizons for collaborations and graduate students. KIKX also takes advantage of these distinguished scientific meetings to identify research challenges and paths toward significant scientific impact.

The primary goals of KIKX are to:

1) Have a single, centralized channel for KFUPM scientific-related events and courses.

2) Organize and manage scientific-related events such as conferences and seminars conducted by the academic departments and research centers at KFUPM and/or their external partners and collaborators.

3) Outreach to external entities, top-notch scientists, and experts locally and globally to exchange and transfer knowledge through its managed events.

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