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 College Overview

The College of Sciences provides programs in the Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The College also offers science service courses for students enrolled in all of the other colleges. The College includes the Departments of Chemistry, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics.
The programs of the College were carefully designed to graduate enthusiastic and skillful scientists and to make them prepared to respond thoughtfully to learning opportunities and world challenges. Education in the College seeks to transform the students into life-long learners and empowered citizens. The classes are small in size to facilitate teaching thereby engaging students in a vigorous and in-depth active learning. We offer multiple opportunities from a wide range of disciplinary programs. Learning through first-hand experience towards a substantial and meaningful education is one objective. Students are encouraged to develop an academic plan that includes study abroad, internships in fields of interest, independent research, and extracurricular experiences that complement learning in their chosen major.

 The College has responded to the major transformation as per the vision 2030, enabling female participation in higher education by enrolling them in the graduate programs in Mathematics and Applied Statistics. Meeting the Industrial Revolution 4.0 trend, the College has introduced new one-year master programs in specialized areas, such as Data Science, Computational Analytics, Industrial Catalysis, Computational Materials, Quantum Computing, and Polymer Science & Engineering. New concentrations have also been introduced in similar areas.

The College has streamlined its quality assurance processes for effective management of its programs under the University's Academic Quality Assurance Framework (AQAF). This is to strengthen the College's commitment to produce quality graduates whose degrees are accredited by the national accrediting body, NCAAA. Further, the Freshman Unit has been established to guide freshman year students towards crafting a firm and focused approach in the pursuit of their degrees and provide them with needful support.