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 Dr. Muhammad Riaz, Professor of Statistics in the department of Mathematics sand Statistics

Highlights of research, teaching and service achievements of Professor Muhammad Riaz

Dr. Muhammad Riaz is serving as a professor of Statistics in the Department of Mathematics sand Statistics under the College of Sciences. He has made significant contributions in all the three major categories of a career at a university, namely teaching, research and service to the community. His professional achievements in all the three said categories highlight his leadership skills and give him recognition as leading academician/researcher. He has made significant contributions mainly in the area of statistical process control by publishing high quality research articles in well-reputed journals of international ranking.  He has also contributed in the direction of non-parametric techniques, Bayesian inference and randomized response technique. The prominent researchers of the filed have frequently cited his research work. He has supervised a number of graduate students, contributed in various funded research projects in applied and basic sciences, presented many seminars, worked as reviewers for many international journals and actively involved in other professional activities. He has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate levels courses in statistics, along with some courses in mathematics. He has also actively contributed to the department, college and university level committees.

He is winner of various awards including “Best Research Project Award for 2018/19”, “Excellence in Instructional Technology Award for 2017/18, “Excellence in research award for 2015/16”, “Excellence in teaching Award for 2015/16”. He has also been nominated for various other prestigious awards including “ Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) Prize 2019, Rabat, Morocco”, “Almarai Award in Scientific Innovation 2019, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, KSA” “Almarai Award in Scientific Innovation 2017, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, KSA”.

Dr. Riaz has played a major role in the promotion and success of MS program in applied statistics. He has also contributed in other graduate programs like MS in ENVS by serving in its committee, various engineering programs by offering them an important course on “Applied regression and experimental designs”. As his research area is Applied Statistics (more specifically Statistical Process/Quality Control), which is directly related to different engineering disciplines, so researchers/students from engineering background have always been benefitted from his research expertise. He is motivated to bridge the engineering problems with statistical applications, which plays a positive role in connecting theory with applications. He has arranged visits to industry to see the technical difficulties faced in industries. His research group visited Ras Tanura Area QC/QA laboratory  (RTA-Lab) to see how statistical concepts are utilized in industry for the purpose of quality control.

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A visit of SPC research team to RT LAB Saudi Aramco

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Receiving Excellence Awards for Teaching and Research at KFUPM