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 Former Deans

​​​​​​The Deans Of The College Of Sciences ( عمداء كلية العلوم)​

1. Dr. John Martin
    1969 to 1973
Appointed as the first Dean of the College of Science in 1969, he supervised and contributed to the preparation of undergraduate programs at this college.
2. Dr. Marwan Kamal
    1973 to 1975
He was appointed as head of the Department of Chemistry, and Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs. He was then appointed as Dean of the College of Sciences until 1395H, where he left the university. Dr. Kamal then served as Minister of Agriculture in Jordan, and later appointed as president of the University of Yarmouk, and as president of the Association of Arab Universities.
3. Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al-Gwaiz
    1975 to 1977
Dr. Al-Gwaiz was the first Saudi national to be appointed as Dean of the College of Sciences during the period from 1977 to 1983. He was later appointed as the first Vice-Rector of the University for Academic Affairs. He then left the university to work at King Saud University. He pioneered the establishment of a comprehensive academic curriculum and the development of new disciplines such as industrial chemistry, mining, and the creation of new departments and colleges.
4. Dr. Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Daffa
    1977 to 1984
Dr.Al-Daffa supervised the programs update and founded the graduate programs in all departments of the college. He contributed to the development of labs by providing them with advanced scientific devices and equipment.
5. Dr. Fahd Bin Abdulrahman Al-Hussein
    1984 to 1990
Dr. Al-Hussein Introduced and supervised the Industrial Chemistry and Geophysics program. He started the doctoral programs in the departments of  mathematical sciences, and chemistry.
6. Dr. Mohammed Bin Zamil Eqab Al-fair
    1990 to 1994
He modernized and renovated the laboratories and contributed to the academic and research coordination with the industrial companies in the Kingdom. He also contributed to the creation of the laser research laboratory in the university and the consolidation of academic dealing with international universities and outstanding researchers.
7. Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Salim Al Harthy
    1994 to 1998
Dr. Al Harthy contributed to the declaration of the convention for evaluating college programs through a team of faculty at University of California, Berkeley similar to ABET assessment specifications.
8. Dr.  Abdul Aziz  Al-Suwaiyyan
    1998 to 2002
Dr. Al-Suwaiyyan initiated the review of the college programs, and compares them with a number of American universities. He reviewed the materials of Islamic and Arabic Studies Department and introduced new elective materials such as industrial sociology, and sources of desktop information. He also worked to strengthen the relationship with the industrial sector and get the royal approval to hold the first Saudi conference of the disciplines of the College Science. He is currently the Rector of the University of Hafr Al-Batin.
9. Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Nagadi
    2002 to 2005​
10. Dr. Walid S. Al-Sabah
    2005 to 2010
During the tenure of Dr. Al-Sabah, the College had its second ever outside evaluation of its programs. Teams from the Universities of Purdue, Georgia Tech, Stanford and other top US universities visited the departments of the college, assessed their undergraduate programs, and gave valuable input on the status of these programs and the path forward.
Another issue worth noting is changing the name of the department of mathematical sciences to the department of mathematics and statistics

11. Dr. Suliman S. Al-Homidan
      2010 to 2018​

Dr. Suliman S. Al-Homidan, Professor from Mathematics & Statistics Department, was appointed as the Dean of the College of Sciences (CoS) in the year 2010.  He had served the College with full dedication and commitment until May 2018. During his 8-year tenure. He along with the support of his colleagues has achieved numerous milestones, which have propelled the College to a noticeable position within KFUPM and beyond. The College has contributed to the university through one quarter share in the research publications and patents during his term. Among his numerous achievements are the following:

  • Accreditation of the nine programs in KFUPM through NCAAA.
  • Establishment of the Freshmen Student Advising and Caring Unit (FSACU).
  • Introduction of KFUPM MATH Olympiad.
  • Establishment of MS Program in Life Science and BS in Actuarial Sciences.
  • KFUPM 2nd Strategic Plan Implementation.
  • Invitations to Distinguished Mathematicians.
  • Enforcement of Lab Safety.
  • Promoting research collaborations among Saudi & foreign universities.