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NCAAA & College of Science (CoS)


National Committee for Academic Accreditation & Assessment (previously commission) is a body under the Education Evaluation Commission (EEC), responsible for the quality assurance of undergraduate programs run in the prestigious universities of the Kingdom. King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) has the privilege of running NCAAA accredited programs in the College of Sciences for Natural Sciences undergraduate programs. These programs are offered in Mathematics & Statistics, Physics and Chemistry by the respective academic departments. The natural sciences programs successfully received full accreditation in the early summer of year 2015 after rigorous effort spent by the staff, faculty members & administration to update and maintain the highest quality in education standards. The quality is assessed based on course reports, student and faculty surveys, Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) feedbacks and comprehensive annual and self-study reports using evaluation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

NCAAA activities

Each academic department administers its accreditation activities thru a standing committee composed of dedicated faculty members.  Another committee at the college level monitors and ensure a timely and accurate submission of the required NCAAA documentation. Before reaching the CoS office, the departments review their submissions in the respective Department Councils and get approvals from the department's chairmen. The CoS NCAAA chairman along with his support staff then prepares and organizes the documents to be submitted to NCAAA after the Dean, CoS approval. The CoS NCAAA activities include frequent meetings with the department NCAAA representatives and meetings under the KPI College Level Committee (KCLC).

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Program Accreditation Standards

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Quality Assurance Schematics (Courtesy Academic Assessment Centre, KFUPM)

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