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 Prof. M. A. Gondal, University Distinguished Professor, Physics Department, is named as K.A.CARE Senior Research Fellow

Brief Report of Research Projects under KACARE Fellowship by Dr. Gondal

In the area of renewable energy in particular Dr. Gondal group's interests are cutting edge and quite multifarious in pace with the rapid technological advancement in this area. The following is the itemized research projects carried out under Dr. M. Gondal's supervision in the area of energy harvesting, energy storage, thermoelectric devices, photodetectors, dust repellant surfaces and clean water under the umbrella of renewable energy under the KACARE fellowship. There are currently 5 Ph.D students and 2 M.S. students working in the following interdisciplinary renewable energy areas. In addition to our involvement in renewable energy area, our group is actively involved in environmental research like, Oil water separation using hierarchically textured surfaces, Photo-catalytic degradation of organic dyes and bacteria removal from water, Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into value added hydrocarbons, and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for elemental and environmental sample  analysis.

1. Third Generation Solar Cell:

  • Fabrication of Single Crystal Perovskite based Solar Cells.
  • Fabrication and characterization of Dye sensitized Solar Cells and their parametric optimization.

3rd Gen Solar Cell.png

 2. Energy Storage Devices:

  •  Efficient light harvesting self-charging supercapacitor using gel polymer electrolyte and PLAL synthesis method. 
  •  Fabrication And Performance Evaluation of Novel All-solid-state Perovskite Electrochemical Cells for Integrated Energy Harvesting and Energy Storage Devices.

  • Energy storage device.png

    3. Thermoelectric Devices:

    Fabrication and Characterization of Nano crystalline Bismuth Telluride Based Surfaces for Thermoelectric Applications Using Advanced Pulsed Laser Deposition.

    Thermoelectric devices.png

    4. Photo Detectors:

    Fabrication of Ultra Performance Bifacial Perovskite Photodetector via Architectural Modification and MAI Solution Passivation.

    Photo Detectors.png

    5. Dust Repellant Surfaces:

    Developing transparent Dust-Repellent Surfaces for photovoltaic solar cells.

    Dust Repellant Surfaces.png

    Research Projects:

    KA.CARE graduate studentsProject no.Grant (SAR)
    Idris Popoola 182-GSGP-07110,000
    Muhammad Hassan 182-GSGP-06 110,000
    Saeed Baqraf182-GSGP-08 110,000
    Yakubu Sani Wudil182-GSGP-05 110,000
    Luqman Oloore182-GSGP-04 110,000
    Ibrahim Olatunji Yousuf182-GSGP-12 65000
    Popoola M. Abduljelili182-GSGP-11 65000

    Scholarly Outcomes:

    Patents: 11

    Journal Publications: 12 (5 published and 7 under review)

    Group Photo.png

    Group photo of the research team