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 Vision, Mission, & Goals


The College of Sciences at KFUPM aspires to be a leading college in the Kingdom and beyond for:

  • Effective teaching and learning.
  • Cutting edge research, and notable services.


The College is committed to:

  •  Provide quality academic programs in sciences.
  • Graduate talented scientists effectively contributing to the development of the Kingdom and beyond.
  • Build scientific foundation needed for other programs.
  • Conduct basic and applied quality research with due consideration to the Kingdom needs.
  • Provide distinguished services, disseminate knowledge and enhance scientific awareness in the society.


  1. Attract qualified students to the College programs.
  2. Promote effective and innovative teaching and learning practices.
  3. Contribute to the advancement of quality research in basic and applied sciences.
  4. Build and retain highly qualified faculty.
  5. Promote science awareness and educational programs for the community.