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Welcome to the website of the College of Sciences at KFUPM!


The College of Sciences is one of the KFUPM's leading colleges and hosts under its umbrella four academic departments:  Mathematics & Statistics, Chemistry, Physics and Life Sciences.  We offer five undergraduate degrees and two undergraduate minors (Chemistry and Mathematics).  In addition, we offer nine graduate degrees (6 MS and 3 PhD degrees).    


Excellence in teaching is one of our top priorities at the College of Sciences.  Our college is responsible for teaching the foundation courses that serve as prerequisite for advanced studies in many other disciplines.  Our recently launched Freshmen Student Advising and Caring Unit is dedicated to helping freshmen students of all majors with overcoming academic obstacles and providing practical guidance and advising. All of our undergraduate programs are accredited and certified by the National Center of Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA), which is the national accreditation body in the Kingdom.


Faculty members and researchers within the college conduct cutting-edge research that are supported by highly qualified graduate students, trained technicians and up-to-date facilities with a variety of instruments and equipment. According to the KFUPM reports, in 2017 the College of Sciences produced around one-quarter of the university's peer reviewed publications and  issued patents.   


Our faculty and staff are also actively engaged in community outreach activities to inspire the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers.  In 2014, the Science Office for Community was established to provide educational outreach in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to high school teachers and students.


Guided by the Kingdom's 2030 Vision, the College of Sciences will continue providing quality and distinctive teaching experiences to our graduate and undergraduate students, conducting research that will positively impact the development of the Saudi economy and raising the community's awareness about the increasingly important role of basic sciences and scientists in the advancement of society.  


Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saadi

Dean, College of Sciences