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 FAQs During Online Admissions

Question1: What are the deadlines for online application? 

Answer 1: For submitting a complete online application- Feb. 12, 2020. For submitting mandatory documents - Feb. 12, 2020.

Question2: What are the mandatory documents for online application? 

Answer 2: (1) Complete Transcripts (2) 3 Recommendation Letters from Academic Referees (3) Statement of Purpose (4) Identification (5) CV

Question3: What is exactly meant by 'complete transcripts'?

Answer 3: A transcript is an official document from a university which clearly mentions the names and grades/marks/scores of the various courses /subjects taken by you during your study.

For Ph.D. – MS and BS transcripts are required

For MS – BS transcripts are required

Question4: How do I submit Recommendation Letters? 

Answer 4: In the online application, you should enter names and email addresses of 3 academic referees in section "Recommenders Info". After you complete the section, an email will be sent to your referee inviting him/her to submit an online recommendation letter for you.

Question5: What is a statement of Purpose? 

Answer 5: It is a one-page essay focusing on your academic and research goals. 

Question6: What do you mean by Identification? 

Answer 6: For International Applicants – PASSPORT, For Saudi Nationals – National ID card, For Residents of Saudi Arabia - Iqama (Resident Permit)

Question7: How do I apply online? 

Answer 7: Please check our website

Question8: How do I upload documents? 

Answer 8: Upload section is the last part of the online application.

Question9: I entered the wrong email for the recommender, how do I correct? 

Answer 9: You may edit them yourselves after logging on to your application .

Question10: I upload a wrong document. How do I delete it?
Answer 10: You may "update" it yourself after logging on to your application.  

Question11: One of my recommenders did not receive the request to fill the online recommendation form. What to do for this?  

Answer 12: Please send this request to using the same email you used to create your online application and inform about this problem with a quotation of your username.

Question12: I don't have TOEFL /GRE/GMAT. Can I apply without them? Are the mandatory? 

Answer 13: Yes, you may submit your online application without these test scores. But we can ask for these documents at any point during your application process. Please note for International applicants for MBA – GMAT is a must along with the online application.

Question13: When will I know the results for my application? How will you inform me about it? 

Answer 14: The results will be announced in the last week of May. You can check it online and also you will be notified via email.

Question14: I want to know whether you have received my recommendations.

Answer 15: You can check yourself in the tracking system.

Question15: Can I nominate my work supervisors/ colleagues as my recommenders/ referees?

Answer 16: No, only academic referees should be nominated.