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The Deanship of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce that new templates Thesis/Dissertation have been uploaded. Both the word and latex versions are updated for double-sided printing layouts. In addition, the upgraded latex version has the following new features:

  1. Option (Print ready) to print on the green card title page provided by the Deanship of Graduate Studies.

  2. Arabic Abstract can now be directly typed in latex template.

  3. Glossaries package is added to get the list of abbreviations and list of symbols (if needed) and the lists are automatically generated.

  4. Consistency in the usage of thesis for MS and dissertation for Ph.D. 

  5. Correct composition of the committee depending on whether it is an MS Thesis or Ph.D. Dissertation with Co-Advisor (if included). 

  6. Generates navigation pane for the Table of Contents.

 The new templates for thesis/dissertation are available at this link: