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Ad​mission Requirements
The CEM Department offers Master of Science (MS) and Master of Engineering (MEG) degrees in Construction Engineering & Management. Admission to the program requires fulfilling all KFUPM and Deanship of Graduate Studies requirements. In addition, the applicant should meet the following CEM requirements: 
  • A degree equivalent to KFUPM Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (preferably Civil or Architectural Engineering) or Architecture. 
  • Applicants from other institution may have to take extra courses to cover areas of deficiency without graduate credit. 
  • The Master of Engineering program is unavailable for Research or Graduate Assistants because of the research emphasis and requirements of such students 
  • For more information on Admission Application form, Admission Requirement, checklists, Admission Tracking system kindly visit  Deanship of Graduate Studies website ( )

Academic Programs

​Construction Engineering and Management -Master of science Program (CEM-MS)   
To obtain the M.S. degree in CEM, the student must complete 30 credit hours: 15 credits of core courses, 6 credits of CEM-elective courses, 3 credits course from outside the CEM Department, aresearch seminar and a 6 credit hours of M.S thesis. For more details 

Construction Engineering and Management -Master of Engineering Program (CEM-MEG)   
The M.E. option requires the completion of 33 credit hours, which include 18 credit hours of core courses, 6 credit hours of CEM electives, 3 credit hours of non-technical or business , 3 credit of graduate electives courses either from or within or outside the CEM Department , a research seminar and 3 credit hours of Master of Engineering Report . for more details click on the below link

Engineering Management- Master of Engineering Management (EM-Master)