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         On Wednesday, March 8, Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Assistant Professor of Sociology, gave a talk on "Modern Approaches to Work and the Secrets of Success: Working Smart Not Hard". This talk explored the myth of smart versus hard work. In addition, the talk discussed and analyzed the strategies that make smart workers more efficient, effective and successful in accomplishing tasks ranging from day-to-day affairs to various intricate, authority-bound and managerial issues.

       Firstly, Dr. Saeed Work pointed out that work is something unique to human beings. He stressed that work transforms human ingenuity into artifacts, and enables people to maneuver, control and exploit natural resources. Dr. Saeed then explained that nowadays, technological progress and development can be attributed to the working capacity of individuals. Furthermore, he noted that the secrets of individual, organizational and societal success are thought to be embedded in the notion of hard work. However, modern organizational approaches to work that overwhelmingly grapple with the use of modern technology, place greater emphasis on smart and intelligent working rather than working hard. Finally, Dr. Saeed emphasized that it is erroneous to assume that smart work means being cunning, lazy and / or short-changing organizations. Neither does smart work substitute hard work. Rather, Dr. Saeed argued that working smart means applying hard work in a smart way.



       This well-attended talk was attended by both faculty and students and it was followed by an interesting question and answer session.