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 M.S. program in Applied Statistics - Requirements (Non-Thesis option)

To complete the M.S. program, a candidate must:

  • ​Complete a minimum of 42 semester-credit-hours within the following limitations:
    • At least 30 credits must be in Statistics, of which Stat. 501, Stat. 502, Stat. 
    • 510, Stat 530, Stat. 565 and Stat. 600 must be taken as core courses 
    • At least three elective statistics courses must be at the 500 level
    • Two courses must be taken from outside the Department with the approval of the academic advisor. It is highly recommended to take these courses in an area of application, e. g. Economies, Management, Engineering,… etc 

A seminar course STAT 599 is also needed to complete M.S. requirements