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Chairman's Message

KFUPM has recently undergone a transformation process. In its bid to transform, the University, among other things, has brought departments and disciplines closer together. This has helped reduce the distances between the departments and build interdisciplinary culture in the university.  Thus, in order  to restructure its academic programs so as to re-align its research and academic activities, some college structures have  been reformed. The Department of Mathematics now forms a part of a newly-structured college namely College of Computing and Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics offers undergraduate students Bachelor of Science programs in Mathematics, Actuarial Science and Financial Mathematics. Graduate level programs lead to  Master and Doctorate Degrees in Mathematics. Some new concentrations have been developed and introduced for undergraduate programs. Many Professional Master Programs have also been developed and introduced. Students planning undergraduate and graduate studies at KFUPM will find a congenial department and faculty of international stature.        

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Concentration in Data Science and Analytics



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Graduate Scholarships at KFUPM

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