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 Dr. Said, Syed A. M.


Contact Information

Office               Bldg-63 Room-335                                
Phone               966-13-860 2548                                      
Fax                   966-13-860 2949 (ME Dept)                                 
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Ph.D.                (Mechanical Engineering), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA, 1986                                      
M.Sc.               (Mechanical Engineering), King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran,1979
B.Sc                 (Mechanical Engineering), University of Brighton, UK, 1976                                  
Courses Taught

  • ME 315             Heat Transfer
  • ME 351             Co-operative Work (Coordinator)
  • ME 440             Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
Research Areas

Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics
Representative Publications
  • Said, SAM; Waseeuddin, M; Simakov, DSA ; A review on solar reforming systems;2016
  • Said, SAM; Simakov, DSA; Waseeuddin, M; Roman-Leshkov, Y ;Solar molten salt heated membrane reformer for natural gas upgrading and hydrogen generation: A CFD model; 2016
  • Al-Ugla, AA; El-Shaarawi, MAI; Said, SAM; Al-Qutub, AM ; Techno-economic analysis of solar-assisted air-conditioning systems for commercial buildings in Saudi Arabia; 2016
  • Siddiqui, MU; Said, SAM ; A review of solar powered absorption systems; 2015
  •  Al-Ugla, AA; El-Shaarawi, MAI; Said, SAM; Alternative designs for a 24-hours operating solar-powered LiBr-water absorption air-conditioning technology;2015
  • Said, SAM; El-Shaarawi, MAI; Siddiqui, MU ; Analysis of a solar powered absorption system;2015
  • Said, SAM; Simakov, DSA; Mokheimer, EMA; Habib, MA; Ahmed, S; Waseeuddin, M; Roman-Leshkov, Y; Computational fluid dynamics study of hydrogen generation by low temperature methane reforming in a membrane reactor;2015
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Dabwan, YN; Habib, MA; Said, SAM; Al-Sulaiman, FA;Development and assessment of integrating parabolic trough collectors with steam generation side of gas turbine cogeneration systems in Saudi Arabia;2015
  • Said, SAM; Ben-Mansour, R; Habib, MA; Siddiqui, MU ; Reducing the flow mal-distribution in a heat exchanger ;2015
  •  ul Qadir, N; Said, SAM; Bahaidarah, HM ; Structural stability of metal organic frameworks in aqueous media - Controlling factors and methods to improve hydrostability and hydrothermal cyclic stability; 2015
  • Said, SAM; Al-Aqeeli, N; Walwil, HM ; The potential of using textured and anti-reflective coated glasses in minimizing dust fouling;2015​
  • El-Shaarawi, MAI; Said, SAM; Siddiqui, MU ;  Comparative analysis between constant pressure and constant temperature absorption processes for an intermittent solar refrigerator ;2014
  • Siddiqui, FR; El-Shaarawi, MAI; Said, SAM ;  Exergo-economic analysis of a solar driven hybrid storage absorption refrigeration cycle ;2014
  • Habib, MA; Said, SA; Khalifa, A; Nemitallah, MA; Ayinde, T ;  Experimental Investigation of the Flow Maldistribution Inside an Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger ;2014
  • Said, SAM; Walwil, HM ;Fundamental studies on dust fouling effects on PV module performance ;2014
  • Asafa, TB; Witvrouw, A; Morcos, BS; Vanstreels, K; Said, SAM ;Influence of germanium incorporation on the structural and electrical properties of boron-doped ultrathin poly-Si1-x Ge (x) films deposited by chemical vapour deposition ;2014
  • Khulief, YA; Bashmal, SA; Said, SA; Al-Otaibi, DA; Mansour, KM ;  Prediction of Vibration-Induced Instability Due to Cross Flow in Heat Exchangers with Triangular Tube Arrays ;2014
  • Mokheimer, EMA; Dabwan, YN; Habib, MA; Said, SAM; Al-Sulaiman, FA ;Techno-economic performance analysis of parabolic trough collector in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia ;2014
  • Asafa, TB; Witvrouw, A; Schneider, D; Moussa, A; Tabet, N; Said, SAM ;Thickness effect on the structural and electrical properties of poly-SiGe films ;2014
  • El-Shaarawi, MAI; Said, SAM; Siddiqui, FR ; Unsteady thermodynamic analysis for a solar driven dual storage absorption refrigeration cycle in Saudi Arabia ;2014
  • Yilbas, BS; Khaled, M; Abu-Dheir, N; Al-Aqeeli, N; Said, SAM; Ahmed, AOM; Varanasi, KK; Toumi, YK ;Wetting and other physical characteristics of polycarbonate surface textured using laser ablation ;2014​


  • Best Teacher and Excellence in Research Awards, College of Engineering Sciences, KFUPM
  • Certificate of Recognition for distinguished performance in students activities and ME Department, KFUPM
  • Distinguished Services Award (ME Department, CES Award and students activities, KFUPM
  • Nominee for Excellence in Research and Best Teacher Awards, KFUPM​