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 Dr Khaled Al-Shareef

Assistant Professor


DrKhaledAlshareef.pngOffice: 22-237
Phone: +966-13-860-2102

Fax: +966-13-860-2965

Email: khaled(at)


·         PhD, Industrial Engineering, University of Central Florida, USA, 2016

·         MSc, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Florida, USA, 2011

·         MSc, Systems Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 2008

·         BSc, Systems Engineering, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia, 2005


·         ISE 205 Engineering Probability and Statistics

·         ISE 307 Engineering Economic Analysis

·         ISE 320: Statistical Quality Control

Research Interests

·         Quality Control

·         Simulation

·         Lean and Six Sigma

·         Sequencing and Scheduling

·         Supply Chain Management

·         Ergonomics

Selected Publications

  1. Al-Ghazi, A., Al-Shareef, K., & Duffuaa, S. O. (2007, December). Integration of Taguchi's loss function in the economic design of $\bar x $-control charts with increasing failure rate and early replacement. In Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2007 IEEE International Conference on (pp. 1209-1215). IEEE.
  2. Al-Turki, U., & Al-Shareef, K. (2013, January). Single Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Times. In IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings (p. 2979). Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE).
  3. Alshareef, K., Rahal, A., & Basingab, M. (2018). The Utilization of Case-Based Reasoning: A Case Study of the Healthcare Sector Using Simulation Modeling. In Artificial Intelligence: Advances in Research and Applications. New York: Nova Science.