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 ISE Labs

​Following are the labs for ISE program. 

(1)  Industrial Engineering Systems Analysis Lab
Location: Building 22-231, Area: 120 Sq.M.
Objectives: Modeling, design and analytical work using software packages

Safety Regulations: Posted in the lab

Courses Taught: ISE 405, ISE 420, etc.

The Industrial Engineering Systems Analysis Lab is a computer lab with 44 PCs with software packages such as ARENA, GAMs, Lingos, Expert Choice, Matlab, Minitab, etc. for analytical lab work.

(2)  Human Factor Lab

Location: Building 23-017A, Area: 120 Sq.M.

Objectives: Experimental work for teaching & research

Safety Regulations: Posted in the lab

Courses Taught: ISE-323, ISE-443 & ISE-536, ISE-636

This lab is designed to support research and teaching facilities for various aspects of Work Design and Man-Machine Interaction. The lab is equipped with Anthropometers, Fleximeters, Photographic equipment, a Lightmeter, Sound and Noise Level meters, a Thermal Comfortmeter, and many other measuring and recording devices, i.e., stopwatches. On the software side, there are Static Strength Prediction and Energy Expenditure Prediction packages to demonstrate the applied techniques in Method Study and Work Measurement on real case studies.