Our Students

Our students have an exceptional educational experience at KFUPM, where we prepare them with world-class teaching, research, and learning resources to maximize their potential. In addition, student life at KFUPM is enriched with many opportunities to enhance students’ academics, get involved in campus activities, and build community. Upon completing their degree, we want our graduates to feel confident and excited about their future and treasure the lasting memories of their time at KFUPM.


As a new student, you are warmly welcomed at KFUPM. Our Student Affairs team is here to support you all year long with anything you need, from settling comfortably into the University environment to completing all essential procedures such as student housing, funding, healthcare, and other services. Additionally, you will attend our Induction Program during orientation week, where you will receive all the necessary information you need and can have all your questions answered by our dedicated support team to get you started on the right path. You can also participate in a wide selection of student clubs, organizations, and multiple activities to be involved in our multicultural community.